Who We Are

Streamline operates like a family.  In this company we treat each other well and we play to each other’s strengths like a finely oiled machine. In the end, it shows. We build teams specific to the needs of each job, guaranteeing an efficient and quality build. Our crew members are uniquely skilled craftsman that not only appreciate the opportunity to work for you but that take considerable pride in the mastery of their trade.  We aren't there just to “work” but to give our clients an excellent final product that exemplifies the artistry behind what it is that we do. Doing what we love with people that we enjoy guarantees that every job ends as a showpiece of your hard work.    

Our History

Streamline was founded in Chicago in 2009 by Mark Thill Jr. After 13 years in the construction industry it was time to channel his passion for the trade into something more than a job. He had a vision that went beyond working under the direction of someone else, and the time had come to see it through. Venturing out on his own was a natural next step, but first he needed a name. Struggling to think of the perfect tag for his new brand, he sought help from friends. He asked what it was that he could offer that the competition lacks. The answer was artistry and efficiency. Mark thought about what it was that could embody both of those strengths, and eventually turned to the many rabbit holes of the internet. One such hole took him all the way back to the 1940's where he discovered a comic book he had never heard of.  The hero in the comic had super powers as they always do, but his particular power struck a chord. The man was the fastest and cleanest fighter in the world, dismantling his enemy with both efficiency and style. His name was STREAMLINE.  With the discovery of that hero, Mark had found the name of his next step. The company Streamline specialized in mid to high-end kitchen and bathroom renovations, handling all aspects of any remodel in-house. It was successful but still Mark found himself wanting it to have even more to offer. In 2014 Streamline took a brief hiatus while Mark and his family set off to Austin, Texas where he trained under an elite furniture maker. Fulfilling this dream added yet another level of craftsmanship to his portfolio and took Streamline to the next level. After a year in Texas, Mark found his way to Portland, Oregon where Streamline woke once more brandishing with it new skills and opportunities.

Our Services

Residential & Commercial Remodeling - Fixture Installation - Installation Management - Site Surveys - Custom Furniture 

We have crews on the ground in PDX, LA, CHI & NY.  If your project is not in one of these locations worry not, because we have a traveling All-Star team ready to rock & roll at anytime.